Amritha Hasth

Amrita HASTH is a humanitarian project started in 2016 by Amma-Kuwait, with the aim of mindfully knitting (with japa) woolen clothes for distributing free to the needy homeless people in India, to keep them warm during the harsh winter season. This project will give opportunity for anybody to participate in a compassionate activity and lend a helping hand to the needy people.

In the first stage,  All the knitted hats will be collected and sent to Delhi for distribution before winter sets in.

As part of empowering the women living in poor conditions in Delhi, Volunteers from Kuwait visted Delhi’s homeless area and taught  the less fortunate the skill in knitting woolen caps and shawls, as a means of earling decent lively hood.  This was done in coordination with Delhi Ashram. 

During 2017 flood disaster in Sri Lanka, Amrita Hasth team handed over consignments of clothing and food to Sri Lankan Embassy in Kuwait, as disaster relief.