Yoga and Meditation

Amma Kuwait conducts periodic workshops on Integrated Amrita Mediataion Technique (IAM) and Amrita Yoga in Kuwait.  Regular follow-up sessions are also conducted, by duly authorized instructors.

IAM and Amrita Yoga are conceived and directly initiated through Amma’s divine intention of unconditional love and an attitude of service to the world.   This is a secular training, suited for all faiths and age groups as you can see here 3 generations comprising of grandmother, sons and daughters and their children demonstrate Amrita yoga. 

Amma Kuwait practitioners participates and presents these to public during the Internal Yoga Day celebrations every year, organized by the Indian Embassy.

 Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique (IAM) 

  • IAM – the Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique® is a powerful practice synthesized by the world-renowned spiritual and humanitarian leader Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, affectionately known as AMMA. The goal of the meditation technique is the integration of body, breath and mind.
  • IAM is a simple combination of yoga, pranayama and meditation that takes just 20 minutes a day. The technique combines traditional, time-tested methods designed for current mental conditions, time constraints, and the pressing needs of modern man. IAM has helped thousands around the globe find peace and relaxation.
  • IAM is taught free of charge throughout the world by representatives of the Mata Amritanandamayi Math to organizations, corporations, educational institutions, and correctional facilities.
  • Benefits of IAM Technique – “Master your mind and rise into true bliss”…
  • Improved power of concentration, relaxation, and expansive thinking and awareness are the basic benefits of IAM. According to study, practitioners of IAM experience a reduction in the stress hormone adrenaline within 48 hours of beginning the practice and a decline in the stress hormone cortisol following eight months of practice. Other physiological results documented by the study include a significant decrease in heart and respiratory rate, as well as a significant increase in immunoglobulin A (IgA), a primary antibody essential for a healthy immune system.

 Amrita Yoga

  • Amrita Yoga is a school of yoga directly formed from AMMA’s divine intention prompted by unconditional love and an attitude of service to the world. Amrita Yoga offers a unique holistic approach focused on “Awareness with heart-centered intention” and aims to transcend the physical asana practice. Reflecting AMMA’s philosophy of embracing all, Amrita Yoga offers practical and relevant programs for everyone, be they young or old, male or female.

Benefits of Amrita Yoga

  • The health benefits of Hatha Yoga are well known throughout the world today. Amrita Yoga is a comprehensive yoga program that helps to provide improved physical strength, mental equanimity and enhanced awareness. The regular practice of yoga helps in improving cardiac health by reducing cholesterol and sugar level, increase bone strength to counter the high incidence of arthritis and osteoporosis, gives complete stress relief, and promotes better health, beauty, happiness and harmony. Amrita Yoga treats a whole host of ailments by realigning and enhancing the innate vital energies.
  • “Only in the state of love will the beautiful, fragrant flower of freedom and supreme bliss unfold its petals and bloom.” – AMMA
  • AMMA Kuwait has been conducting regular initiation and refresher sessions of IAM and Amrita Yoga in Kuwait. Our trained instructors teach selflessly and solely on a voluntary basis. The joy and beauty of selfless service surrounds and reflects in every aspect of IAM and Amrita Yoga.